Friday, September 02, 2005

The Shamo Game Fowl

Names: Shamo, O-Shamo, Chu-Shamo. Shamo normally will be translated as "fighter" like in Japan.
Description: Big malaioid Gamefowl type; 23inches to 31inches tall. Upright standing aggressive fighter with big temperament, scanty feathered, so that you can see naked skin marks. Remarkably Shamo type is showing dropping and flat back line. Heels are angled in opposite of casual Malay, who have it straight. Pure Shamos are showing their eye position decentral. Shamo show type has to have triple pea comb, but pit types often are showing single broad pea comb.

Shamos normally are showing very bright eye-colour, those for the pit might have red eyes. Because of their intelligent character they need the allowance of their breeder. By proper allowance they are very tame and dear to humans, even to strange visitors. At age of ten months they should be isolated from other roosters, to let them grow out without danger of fights. At 12 to 14 or 16 months they are ready for the fight. You can see that at red skin at hips, that formerly were white. In 2nd and further years they seriously should be hold in single pens, best together in a flock of some hens.
Origin: Indomalaian region, probably Thailand (former Siam), Later imported from Siam to Japan and bred perfectly as a pure race called Shamo and O-Shamo. First part of 20th century importations from Japan to European countries. Second part of 20th century they were imported some more times because of growing touristic activity to Thailand- Taiwan- and Asian destinies.
Particularities: For Shamos it is their particulary standing, what is build on straight neck length, flat dropping backline with dropping tail in same angle. You have to differ the so-called Shamo-Pit type, who sometimes is showing remarkably middlebow.
Weight: Chu-Shamo: Rooster: 3kg - 4kg, Hen: 2,5kg - 3kg; O-Shamo: Rooster: min. 4kg, Hen: min. 3kg; Hatching egg: 45g to 65g; Chu-Shamo and O-Shamo are different in weight and height only, the other characteristics are the same. Because of fighting type, it is not necessary, to breed heavy and giant types in Shamo. They would be too slowly and too clumsy.


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